Top 10 Android Apps You Can’t Live Without

There are tens of thousands of Android applications available inside the marketplace so choosing simply 10 of the quality apps is a very difficult process. However, we’ve got long gone via masses of different apps and compiled these top 10 Android apps that you cannot live with out.

Handcent SMS

The default Android messaging app is ok, but Handcent SMS is better. Way better. You can personalize the format of your messages, view the messages in verbal exchange format, password guard your messages and spell test messages before you send it. This have to be the first app that you install!


Just like the Android messaging app, the keyboard app is also adequate, but BetterKeyboard lives as much as its call by being miles better. With true multi-contact capability, proximity Pokémon GO APK correction and some of skins available; after you go Better you will never cross lower back.

Snap Photo Pro

Sack the default Android digicam app and splash out ninety nine cents in this little beauty. Snap Photo Pro lets you take multiple photographs at a click on of a button that is exceptional for catching natural expressions, a digital stabilizer that is useful when you have shaky arms, a virtual zoom and there are multiple digital filters you could observe to the photo.


When it involves pimping out your Android a unique ringtone is crucial. RingDroid will can help you edit MP3 files and slice out that catchy refrain or the honestly cool intro. Eye of the Tiger intro all of us?

Launcher Pro

The final dashboard management app. Launcher Pro gives you 7 home displays to replenish with widgets and personalize in your delight. It has excellent clean scrolling between displays and might even handle 3-d pix for that more cool look.

Norton Mobile Security

It’s a frightening world available folks but Norton acts like your non-public body shield defending your phone from intrusions and malware. It can even remotely disable and delete facts in case you ever have your phone stolen so the ones filthy thieves can’t extract any non-public facts from it.

Angry Birds

We realize that everybody is going crazy about Angry Birds and there is a superb motive for it! This quite simple sport will draw you in and earlier than you understand it your morning go back and forth might not remaining almost lengthy enough as you play the ever tougher tiers to defeat the greedy piggies.

Amazon Kindle

Get Amazon’s Kindle without buying a Kindle. This app will let you read thousands of free ebooks right to your Android phone. Perfect for when you need a breather from Angry Birds.

Google Maps with Navigation

Download this app and you will marvel how you ever survived without it. You can giveaway your Tom Tom because the entirety you need is now in this free app. Simply key in or say in which you need to go and it’ll discover the fine direction in an effort to take.


Take control of your finances with this pocket sized monetary tracker. You can maintain tabs on all your checking, savings and

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